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Painful Beginnings and Happy Endings

My husband Bob has been creating cabochons for many years and I have been going to rock shows, farmers markets and urban markets with him as he sold his creations to local artists/jewelry makers. I always admired the beautiful jewelry they made out of his cabs and wondered if I could do that. For years I wondered without thinking a whole lot about it and doing nothing.
In 2014 I had a disc rupture in my neck and pinch a nerve root which sent agonizing pain down my left arm. In November of that year I had surgery to replace the ruptured disc with a manmade, metal disc. Unfortunately, either the ruptured disc permanently damaged the nerve root, or the surgery did but after a very brief time (a month or so) the pain began to start back up again. I went through months of physical therapy, doctors visits and radiology labs before I was finally sent to pain management. During this time I would go to work, and come home and lay flat to take the weight off of my neck to alleviate the pain. I was in pain all the time and it sucked all my energy and the enjoyment out of my life. The pain management doctor got me into an every 3 month cortisone spinal injection routine, along with some medication to work in conjunction with the injections. It was pretty miraculous!
So, after about a year and a half of no energy, no motivation, and doing not much of anything I all of a sudden had some (relatively) pain free time on my hands. What to do? And all of a sudden it hit me; take a class on wire wrapping! And that is exactly what I did. I took 2 classes from a local artist and then just starting learning new things on my own. Bob gave me some cabochons to start out with and so that is how I practiced and got started and I LOVED it! Thanks to Pinterest and Youtube I gradually got into earrings and rings and beads and began to get excited about life again :-)
So that is the story of how I got started; it hasn't been too long and I am seeing my work evolving into something uniquely my own and I just love being able to take a cab or a bead and create something pretty that someone can wear.  I use high quality Copper, Silver filled, Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver, and 14K Gold filled wire to wrap my pendants with and I put lots of love into each piece.  Each pendant comes on a chain or neck cord and is shipped in a small gift box.
I always enjoy hearing from you, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments :-)

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